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What Makes a Good
Sales Rep?

A video library that reveals what Healthcare Professionals really want from the pharmaceutical sales representative.

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The Role of the Rep

Find out exactly how health care practitioners view pharma sales reps and their role in their professional lives.

Runtime: 59 seconds

Preview: The Role of the Rep

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Building the Relationship

Learn the most effective tactics that will get doctors and other health care practitioners to take your calls.

Runtime: 1 minute, 32 seconds

Preview: Building the Relationship

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What Makes a Good Sales Rep? Videos Are Perfect For:
Professionals shaking hands.

Team Meetings

Communicate the latest best practices to your sales team in an engaging and effective way.

Gears inside a person's head.

Training Sessions

Give your new hires and seasoned staff a wealth of actionable information that will improve sales performance.

Screen with a graph on it.


Add depth and relevancy to your presentations.

Our Video Library Covers Topics You Need to Know

Health care professionals from multiple disciplines talk about the things you've always wanted to know about, and the things you didn't even know about -- but should.

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  • Titles Include:
  • The Role of the Rep
  • Building the Rep/Doctor Relationship
  • Help Make My Job Easier
  • Delivering the Right Message
  • Making an Appointment
  • Full Product Disclosure
  • The Good Rep
  • Best Experience
  • Bad Experiences with Reps
  • Today's Technology
  • Is the Role of the Rep Diminishing?
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Pharmacist & Dental Professional Perspective

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